When will I need to see the tailor?

We suggest around 6-8 weeks before your Wedding Day for your first tailoring appointment. We will contact you when the dress has arrived and arrange for you to see the dress at our London bridal boutique or in case of close to your wedding day we arrange your tailoring appointment straight away.

Can my family/friends come to my alteration fitting?

You are of course more than welcome to come with your Mum, bridesmaids or friends.

How many fittings will be required?

Typically, from 2 to 4 fittings are required to make your wedding dress looking perfect. Our alteration appointments last 30 min. We do have the seamstress in the shop and she will attend every fitting of yours with a shop assistant also.

What happens at my first fitting appointment and what do I have to bring with me every time?

First Fitting, you must bring your actual wedding shoes, so we could alter the length of your dress, if needed. Moreover, if you are planning to wear any bra or special underwear, you have to wear it on. Please ensure to bring these to all your fittings. After your first fitting, we will let you know when to come for your second fitting. Keep in mind that it is usually easier to take in a garment than it is to let it out. We really would like you to stay in the same dress size until your wedding day, so you could avoid an extra charge for the alterations.

Do I have to pay for the Tailoring Service?

We work with an exceptional and very experienced seamstress in the shop. Tailoring cost for a standard fitting of a wedding dress is maximum at £250, which means it might be even less than £250, but no more than that. The exact amount will be given to you by the seamstress when all alterations are done, as each wedding dress is different. You only pay for your alteration cost at the end of the tailoring process when you are totally happy. We are also happy to help our customers with their bridesmaids dresses alterations and tailoring Mum of the Bride outfits.

I want to lose weight before my wedding

If you are going to lose weight, we recommend you to be at your happy wedding weight on your first fitting. As if you will change after the first fitting, it will result in an additional cost.